Olde Customs Gaol

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    My name is William Hammond. My father was a friend of Benjamin Tapner, a member of the Hawkhurst free traders. The year is 1747.

    We are being detained by the Excise men at King George III’s pleasure.

    Our so-called crime is defrauding the revenue, which to me and my friends, is a laudable pursuit.

    We recently suffered a bitter blow with the death of our friend in the battle with the Goudhurst Band of Militia and I was taken captive.

    I have been without food or Ale for over a week as I write this yarn and I am feeling weak.

    This was after I attacked a Gaoler when he brought me my gruel. I managed to relieve him of the ‘Stone of Freedom’ and stuck it to my hand with the gruel and my urine.

    My theft was discovered and they cut off my hand. My blood flowed copiously. I managed to stem this with my neckerchief but I feel my life slipping away. Should you find me and wish to escape you will need to release the locks that hold my chains and take my hand with the 'Stone of Freedom’ to the Copper Bracelet and you will be relieved of this constraint.

    Fear ye though. Your plunder is stored in the next room but to gain ye freedom you must restore your plunder.

    Go forth and may the devil ride with you.


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