Amazon Jungle Adventure

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    You are part of a team of scientists tasked with investigating the medicinal properties of plants indigenous to the Amazon Jungle.

    Field agents were thought to be close to a breakthrough discovery, however contact has been lost.

    Technicians have pinpointed the last location pinged by their light aircraft’s transponder, and it is feared that the aircraft has crashed. Unfortunately this location is close to the territory of a local tribe known to be distrustful, and maybe even hostile to outsiders.

    We have arranged a helicopter drop into the area, your mission is to recover the research and then proceed to the extract point. This mission is extremely time sensitive as it is anticipated that the tribe’s search parties will reach the site approximately one hour after being alerted by our helicopter.

    The risks are high, but the potential rewards even higher. You have been hand picked as the best people to complete this mission successfully.

    Good luck!


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